Anarchy Dreamers is an urban fantasy about sparkly undead kids fighting society?s worst nightmares. 


 Spoilers Ahead!

Anarchy Dreamers tells the story of a school in the aftermath of mysterious tragedy?a mass shooting with no gunman.  

But in a world where death means a second chance at life, the recently resurrected students of Sacred Heart High School are dealing with bigger problems. While students are just trying to get back to their normal lives- 

Nightmares, the anthropomorphized fears and problems of society, are wreaking havoc on the school population.

As the Nightmare infestation grows, the God of Dreams reaches out to 6 students for assistance?




---promising to help them solve the mystery of their deaths as long as they fight their classmates? Nightmares. Since apparently, it's their problem now, anyway.



But will they be strong enough to face their own worst Nightmares?



Praise for Anarchy Dreamers Vol. 1: 

"A creative and visually stunning look at Nightmares and the lovable teens that prevent them." -Drew Van Genderen, For the Love of Indie Podcast

"...A visual powerhouse that knows exactly what it is doing! If you have an itch for a comic that is entirely its own, Anarchy Dreamers will scratch that itchy perfectly!" -Riiser, The Webcomic Relief

"Using dreaming, death, and empowerment as its foils; Anarchy Dreamers tackles many real-life issues in a bubblegum punk story filled with reference humor and energetic dialogue." -Aaron Sullivan, Comic Crusaders

Who am I?

I'm Emily Ree!

Comic artist, writer, historian, part-time grad student, full-time punk, native New Yorker. I have a BFA in Fine Art and Art History from the Fashion Institute of Technology.


When I'm not doing my own work, I'm teaching history through comic art! I run several History Comics Clubs in elementary and middle schools. Kids are the future, show them how great comics are! ; D