Page 151! Kickstarter! Convention announcement!
posted May.15.17 at 12:00 am

The second time in 2 days Tadhg's been saved from a Nightmare by a small girl with pink hair! But last time the whole party wasn't in the hallway---

And hey, Sissy was right about the Nightmare nomenclature, calling the little ones that mess with your head "pawns"
That or like Mateo told her that and she wanted to sound cool. Who knows. Poor Sissy. :<

The Anarchy Dreamers Issue 5 kickstarter is LIVE!

Check it out and get yourself some books and AD merch! <3

Also, I'll be at Five Points Fest this weekend! Table B3 in the artist alley! They've got comics, prints, designer toys, food trucks, and beer! It's looking like it will be a fantastic time!


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